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    When it comes to bathroom vanities, people often confuse them with cabinets. Well, they are cabinets too but with a sink/basin on top. This often tends to be one of the first choices for homeowners who have a small bathroom.

    This comes around as a space-saving solution. There are two purposes solved where the first is the presence of a lavish washbasin and second is the large cabinet where you can store all bathroom essentials. You do not need two separate things, and the purpose is solved by occupying one area only.

    At Bathroom Upgrade we bring to you the best collection of bathroom vanities in Newcastle. Sourced from the manufacturers, they are designed to suit your bathroom setting perfectly. All our products maintain high-quality and at the same time, we also offer cost-effective solutions to each of our clients. Whether it is a small bathroom or a large one, there is something for each one of you.

    Benefits Of A Bathroom Vanity

    • Your basin area is no longer messy
    • Your bathing essentials are safe and in proper order stored in the cabinet below
    • You get to keep the top clean and free from slime
    • When you have plans to sell the house, it will receive better value
    • It shows how conscious you are over space saving
    • It can be affixed to the wall or kept on the floor
    • You feel good about owning a stylish kitchen vanity

    While you may choose from a wide range of vanities available, we bring to you the best of them. Each one of them is unique and has a style of its own. We stock up on PVC bathroom vanities for Newcastle as well as those made up of oak. They are strong, durable and feel luxurious. They are perfect for a bathroom setting while coming along with a guarantee of being durable.

    Working on different areas of such projects

    When you are looking for the best bathroom vanities in the Central Coast there are many options to choose from. Thankfully we at Bathroom Upgrade can help you with all of them efficiently and effectively by providing customised options for:

    • size
    • basic structure
    • basins
    • faucets
    • drawer handles

    Working with different kinds of materials

    We work with a wide variety of materials to create bathroom vanities. This is one of the many reasons why we are thought to be the best in this regard. Following is a list of such materials:

    • Timber such as hardwood and plywood
    • Marble
    • Natural stones
    • branded materials

    Why Choose Us?

    • We are the leaders and stockists of bathroom vanities
    • Our price range is affordable and nothing luxurious
    • We believe in customer satisfaction before anything else
    • Our vanities come with a guarantee of being durable and strong
    • We supply PVC bathroom vanities that are waterproof and won’t get damaged when in contact with water
    • You get what you order
    • We deliver your purchased bathroom vanity to your doorstep and we can also install them if required.

    Choosing the best bathroom vanities for your Newcastle property, you will be able to keep your bathroom squeaky clean. They can be fixed to the wall or left standing with the help of feet. Cleaning the floor underneath is easy. You do not have to worry about pest infestation as it is small and sleek which can be cleaned frequently.

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