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    Space-Efficient Ceramic Toilets & Toilet Suites to Buy in Sydney

    Give Your Toilet A Makeover with Bathroom Upgrade’s Toilet Suites

    Want to give your toilets in Sydney a makeover? Or are you planning to repair or replace your existing toilet suite? Bathroom Upgrade has got you covered. The right type of toilet suite can make a bathroom look impressive and stylish. So, selecting the right toilet suite has a big impact.

    Bathroom Upgrade- A Name to Count On

    As an experienced bathroom fittings supplier, we offer a wide range of options for toilet suites from which you can make the selection. All you have to do is to choose a design of the toilet suite that matches other parts of your bathroom as well as making optimal use of available space.

    >Some of the popular design options include:

    – Back to wall or wall faced toilet suite

    – Wall hung rimless toilet suite

    – Close-coupled toilet suite

    – In-wall toilet suite

    – Box rim toilet suite

    – Wellness care toilet suite

    – Two-piece wall-faced toilet suite etc.

    As toilets set the tone of our day, therefore choosing the best toilet suites will help you to relax. Even if you have small space for toilets you can make them more effective by choosing a tasteful selection of toilet suites. And we can help you with that.

    What makes us different?

    At Bathroom Upgrade, we are well aware of the fact that choosing a stylish and high-quality toilet suite can restore your toilet while giving it an appealing ambiance. Considering the requirements of different property owners, the toilet suites that we offer are timeless yet modern. They allow the property owners to redesign their toilet rooms to make it a beautiful space.

    The majority of the toilet suites that we offer come with a space-saving feature. Therefore, these allow homeowners to install other bathroom fittings comfortably without giving much thought. Besides, the toilet suites that we offer are of premium quality. And therefore, these don’t only look amazing, but these also feel very luxurious.

    Toilet suite accessories:

    Apart from offering different types of toilet suites, we offer a complete range of toilet suite accessories that make these suites even more appealing. Some of the toilet suite accessories that we offer include hand sprayer, basin mixer, non-electric bidet toilet set, warm water electric bidet toilet system, etc. These accessories are perfect in case you want to give your toilet suite a quick makeover.

    So, no matter what type of toilet suite or toilet suite accessory you need, we’ve got you covered. In case you have any confusion, then you can email us or give us a call and speak to our experts about your requirements and budget. Depending on what you need we can provide the perfect fit.


    The process of replacing toilets in your Sydney home bathroom entirely depends on the type of toilets you previously and the upgrade you are looking for. An expert would take into account various aspects like toilet set out and traps, toilet height, and other provisions like pipe fittings and whether the toilet suite could be installed on the wall or not.
    After all the parameters have been tested, the provisions are made as per the toilet chosen. The professionals at work suggest the type of toilet that would best fit into the bathroom. Keeping a sense of space in the bathroom should be there as well.

    Amidst so many kinds of toilets, what most people in Sydney are looking for is the wall faced toilet suite because of the associated several advantages. These are--

    • The most significant one is floor space. It helps save a lot of floor space and gives the bathroom a bigger appearance.
    • You can adjust the height of the installation.
    • When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, these toilet suites are easy.
    • You can opt for a themed bathroom as well with the use of wall-mounted toilet suites.
    • If you want to associate technology with bathroom fixtures then, wall-mounted toilet suites come with some of the advanced tech specifications.

    The cost of the wall faced toilet suites in Sydney varies. These are available at a remarkably high price (for the suites that are of high end to be used for commercial setups) and are available for a budget-friendly price as well (for the residential purpose). However, toilets in the mid-range say near to $500-$700 are worthy of the investment and would definitely meet the requirements
    At Bathroom Upgrade the average cost of a wall faced toilet suites stands in the range of $450-$600.
    The products are priced better and do not compromise with quality. The variations are available in the form of design and size as well.

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